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About Henning Marine

At HENNING MARINE, we are passionate about creating efficient and productive water weed control and trash management systems. Having worked with both private and public sector customers, we have delivered successful products related to all aspects of open water and aquatic weed management.

Our staff have decades of practical “on-the-water” and “in-the-field” operating experience. We use our extensive knowledge to create the most advanced and durable technology for our weed harvesters and trash skimmers.

We look forward to working with you!

Water is a Precious Resource

With increasing pollution, aquatic weeds are becoming more & more prevalent. Too often chemicals are used to kill them causing oxygen depletion and fish kill. The long term effects of chemicals on marine life and the aquatic environment is, to say the least, questionable. HENNING MARINE offers the most modern and versatile weed and plant harvesting systems so our clients have the machines necessary to practice efficient and prudent waterway maintenance – without chemicals!

Floating trash, debris & plastic islands are taking over waterways & coast lines, hurting & killing fish, sea birds, whales & all types of mammal sea life. HENNING MARINE offers a complete line of marine skimmer boat systems to collect these unwanted materials & return the open water ways back to life.

Dilution is not the solution to pollution!

Turn the clock back on eutrophication!