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Henning Marine Transporter

The Go-Getter

The Go-Getter is a highly efficient and versatile transport shuttle. Built with the same meticulous craftsmanship as the HENNING, it is designed to be even faster and more maneuverable. It complements the HENNING perfectly by transporting the load while the harvester continues to cut. Your weed removal project never has to stop!

The Go-Getter has a number of features that make it highly efficient. The foam-filled polyethylene pontoons make the Go-Getter stable and allow it to carry a heavy load. The reinforced coupling bar on the back of the Go-Getter allows the HENNING MARINE weed harvester to attach itself and pull it along while harvesting. The storage conveyor shifts forward and backward, allowing the operator to shift the load to re-balance the boat or to give the front end more reach when offloading.

Aquatic weed harvesting has never been so easy!

Watch the Go-Getter in action!

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