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Henning Marine Weed Harvesters

Aquatic Weed & Plant Harvesters


Catamaran vessels for superior cutting, transit speed and umatched stability. Multiple independently sealed compartments with
inspection hatches. Aluminum catamaran hull construction with 4.5 mm / 3/16” wall thickness on Series D-6100 and D-7600. Stainless steel hull
with 3 mm / 1/8” wall thickness on Series D-8200 and D-9200 is standard. Stainless steel optional also on all other models.

Cutters System

Horizontal cutters recessed to prevent weed losses. Hidden and protected horizontal cutter motor.
 Extra heavy duty cutting parts. Cutter motors protected by bearing load adaptors. Stainless steel base frames and cutter drive brackets and arms.


Conveyor frames in stainless steel. Aluminum side walls. Plastic wear strips under belt tracks are “clip-on” type, will not get bulge and warp
in sun light (has allowance to stretch and contract during temperature variations). Drive and idler shafts come with stainless steel insert journals & bearings.

Control Bridge

Aluminum constructed bridges are easily dropped for low clearance underpasses during all modes of operation & transport. HI-LO deck mounted hydraulic lift version on D-6100 and D-7600 Series. Light weight tilt down upper control bridge on D-8200 and D-9200 Series.
 Joystick and switches for remote engine and hydraulic controls. No exposed hydraulic pressure hoses. Perfect 360° visibility for the operator.

Power System

Engine and central hydraulic system located on deck far away from the operator for low noise level. No visibility obstruction form upper structure.
 Zero splash from propulsion units (as opposed to paddle wheels). Lower maintenance cost. Easy access from dock and on board. High combined performance 
compared to equally-sized other weed harvesters and skimmers. Full aluminum enclosures with air spring lift-up hood.

Propulsion System

Twin propulsion system. No need to detach for road transport. Stainless steel deployment down legs. Variable speed, bi-directional control.
 Hydraulic drive and power steering. Vertical hydraulic lift for shallow water approach. Kick-back suspension to prevent underwater impact damage. No wrap, weed free, heavy duty helix propellers

HENNING MARINE Weed Harvesters

Weed Harvester 1

Weed Harvester 2

Weed Harvester 3

Multi-Functional Machinery

Watch the videos to see how HENNING MARINE machines can be modified for a variety of uses, from Weed-Minder to Trash-Skimmer to Shore-Mule.

See HENNING MARINE weed harvesting and trash skimming heads floating on lake and land.

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