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Henning Marine Trash Skimmers

Trash and Debris Skimmer Boat.

HENNING MARINE Multi-Purpose Water Management Boat

Modular design makes it option-ready.
☼ Marine aluminum & stainless steel hulls and use of none-corrosive materials
☼ Catamaran hull for maximum stability.
☼ Hydro-dynamic hull shape allows top operating and excellent sprint capability.
☼ Twin hydraulic propulsion system with independently proportionate l helix propellers.
☼ Stainless steel hydraulic out drive units.
☼ Proportionate bi-directional controls plus power steering allows quarter maneuvering.
☼ Vertically power lifted propellers allow navigation in shallow water.
☼ Single or twin Diesel engine-hydraulic power systems.
☼ Interchangeable weed-harvesting head. Ask us about the optional QUAD propeller system.

Watch the LEOPARD that COULD change its spots

Watch the videos below to see how HENNING MARINE machines can be modified for a variety of uses, from Weed  Harvester to Trash-Skimmer to Shore-Mule.

See HENNING MARINE weed harvesting and trash skimming heads floating on lake and land.

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